LAB 71  =  concept  .  design  . styling  . photography of...
all kinds of spaces like shop premises, conference rooms, party halls, window displays etc...
productions for magazines...
photography for i.a. wall decoration, fashion, living and advertisement...
autonomous work
by frieda mellema
LAB 71  frieda mellema...
I do not talk too much about my work. Id rather just show you.
In my pictures I will take you with me on what is actually just a journey 
through the workings of my mind made real. 
I use materials which are mainly old, weird, broken, used, found, thrown away, 
or recycled things I collect to give a new life.  
I  hold on to them until I find a use for them, and when that happens
the odd found item Ive had for such a long time 
is suddenly the key item that really makes the image special.
I like to daydream and contemplate on poetic thoughts, 
and for Lab 71 I channel these thoughts into real touchable images ready to be shared 
with the world.  Through the use of unusual props, fashion and models Lab 71 creates 
a dreamy naive world that inspires and makes you happy.


 . unstructured . feminine . fragile . confusion . made in holland . unpredictable . storm . stories . lion . naive . foolish . paris . imperfection . mods . the don'ts . diary . dilemmas . saltwater . uncertainty . Dr. Martens . experiment . nice to know . another point of view . code red . the blues . francoise hardy . lose . mimosa . dreamy . butterfly . fascination . the everyday poetics of light . lost messages . rotterdam . knee socks . black sheep . waves . dance . london in the rain . bridges and kites . handwritten letter . harbour . devotion . shoeless ..................